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Originally Posted by ramuman View Post
Thanks so much guys, that seems to have covered all the bases. I'll try to get wheel locks and the mats thrown in upon pickup at the PCD.

It's a competition package so, 359m rims.

The two primary things that would bother me would be holes for the front plate and the tires. Seems there's an easy solution to the former

If it doesn't come with wheel locks, it'll be the first order of business for me along with a keyhole delete (retaining the cylinder behind it). I guess a hundred bucks or so in "mods"
I have never heard of an ED car coming with wheel locks, myself. Since it's a dealer installed option, I don't even know how the factory would have those as an option on your build sheet during assembly.

You don't have to worry about the front plate being drilled, anywhere. When you pick up your car at the Welt, they will hand you both front and rear plate brackets. Just pack those in your bag. When you pick your car up at PDC, they will ask you if you'd like the front plate removed. They have to pull off the rear zoll plate in for to put on the temp tag before you leave the PDC parking lot.

As mentioned, you'll want to take the warning triangle, hazard kits, and mounting brackets for warning triangle.