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Originally Posted by dnvrdrvr View Post
Yep, mine's an 08 too. Think we need to swap wheels if we're both on 19's? Or are you wanting to make sure potential sidewall height differences don't cause any variance in readings? I'm on RE-11s (front: 255/35R-19, rear: 285/35R-19).

Here are my performance mods:
- AA (green) oiled air filter
- Turner pulleys
- Gintani Race exhaust

Saturday morning it will be cooler out... better potential hp readings. You get your x pipe on??
Fewer the mods the better but at least it will be directional. The sale wheel/tire combo will ensure as much consistency car to car (overall diameter and amount of grip/wear.) This actually seems to be the biggest unknown to me and potential weak spot of dynos - the size and composition of the tires. There is nothing that I know of that adjusts for this.

Originally Posted by patrick1 View Post
I would be interested on Sat morning. 11, 19", a few mods. Thanks
What mods? I will see when they can get us (however many can make it) in on Sat am.
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