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A few ED + PCD questions

I'm picking up my E92 M3 at the Welt in a couple of months (ordered through one of the forum affiliates). I have the trip roughly planned and will do The Ring, a few cities, etc.

I just have a few clarifying questions after perusing the ED and PCD threads:

1) Should I request PS2s, or will they be the default tires?

2) Will wheel locks be installed from the get go?

3) The ED confirmation says standard floor mats (not M ones) will be installed in Europe. I'm fine with those, but will those come back to the US?

4) I'm hearing PCD adds about 1-2 weeks to the delivery time - does this sound about right?

5) I live in a no front-plate state - the PCD won't drill in a front holder will they? The Euro front plate is supposed to be taped on according to what I've heard.