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Originally Posted by MuttGrunt View Post
Great write-up to follow for fellow DIYers and enthusiasts everywhere Sam! Good to hear that things were positive and came out stellar. I'm also glad that it seems you didn't rush things and put the right amount of time into the project to make sure you got the right results. This isn't easy, but when you see your clean car, you'll smile that much harder now as she truly looks better than anything on the road!

To help with maintenance, keep in mind the goal isn't to keep her absolutely perfect as it is impossible. The goal is to make it so any damage you now put in will pretty much come out with your last polishing step. Now rather than going through the whole process again, you'll simply wash, clay, 106+black, and wax. You eliminate the first two steps and go right to the last one, saving massive amounts of time and headache.

I'm glad you've found some of my advise thus far to be beneficial, and I'm glad guys like you have stuck around to not only acknowledge some of the good guys like Eric, but are here giving back to fellow owners. Your experience will no doubt lead to others doing similar things to make sure there are more beautiful M3's driving around!

amen to all of that!!!!

Sam, I personally dont care for that product. It streaks like crazy if used on any sort of hot surface! Inside the garage, different story! It works well, but not with water! I would get something like meguiars last touch for using a QD while drying since its dilutable (used as a clay lube at 1:1).

I know marc likes dodo juice red tropical mist for his QD/wipe downs, I havent used it though