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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Be careful when spiting your hair. It will get mad at you and just fall out one day.

PS Stating "Gay Rights Supporters are uneducated" is really ignorant, and that kind of gross generalization should not be tolerated here as much as racism is not tolerated. In the future, please refrain from those comments E90 SoFlo. Also, why defend those comments txz4? Do you really think Gay Rights supporters are an uneducated group?
I think you may have misread something there is nothing to defend in what he has said in regards to gay rights and the generalities therein.

Also scotch, in generalizing Liberals as you have quoted me on, you seem to forget that its ideology that makes a liberal, conservative, etc. Therefore in saying a person who follows a certain belief system follows a belief system im merely stating fact.... Calling someone who lives in a state something derogatory by virtue of being a citizen isnt close to the same thing, unless of course a derogatory name and living in a state are the same thing. Its not even a generality in saying that you are "glib" and "lack comprehension" at times.... perhaps rough, but no less true.

I stated that you never disproved damning data to your original idea. You restated your original thesis that dems are smarter than republicans and "everyone knows". Now your saying that we can find data proving both sides all day. I never said one side was smarter than the other, i only raised the point that its incorrect to assume to know as a matter of common knowledge, which you originally alleged and now seem to disagree with... You called it asinine and then used the words "exclusively educated" to exclude yourself from your own hypocrisy...I dont recall who started the argument on education (you or another) neither do i care, you took part and defended your party affiliation saying that your party clearly was more educated. Perhaps its not "asinine" as you didnt say "exclusively more educated" but im sure we can come up with a less exclusive, more inclusive word outside of asinine that can suite your behavior similar to the asinine behavior.

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