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Wow just read every post and it seems like the norm from some small wheel companies dating back to 1990. Seen it happen. Although NO set of wheels is worth over $10,000 they should not be having these issues so soon in the wheels lifetime. The price is stupid ridiculous, regardless of what the vendor thinks. If customers keep paying stupid prices then they are going to sell them for that. Thats for another post though.

I made a huge stink when Volk TE37s in 19 inch went from $599 a wheel to close to $1000. Thats stupid and what do we Americans do? Pay the prices. There are ways around Mackin if you live in Hawaii. I remember buying used Volks for $1100 a set and a new set for about $2000 back in 2004-5.

Anyway point is the vendor was at fault here and we all know it. Stand by and own your product. Chalk it up as lesson learned and move on. I did that with AME, SSR, and Work. Again thats going through 50-70 sets of wheels since 1990 for all my cars.

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