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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Not sure why this was funny, especially since if he'd been a mental teenager like yourself and accepted the challenge, he most likely would've kicked your ass off a light.

Everybody somehow accepts the "fact" that M3s are mid-twelves cars, but unless you are an extremely accomplished drag racer, you're going to be closer to thirteen flat in a quarter mile at a high-traction drag strip, and slower than that on the street. On the other hand, it'll be easier to launch his car properly on the street than at a drag strip, and since most street races are shorter than a quarter mile, you'd most likely lose.

Given your attitude, that would be funny.

Granted, the M3 is a terrific all-around car and the STI less so, but in this sort of narrow venue, you'd be in trouble.

I thought it was a funny situation and with the V8 Killer bumper sticker, I'm sure he has to expect comments like mine. BTW, I come from a Heavily Modded 04 STI so, I'm quite aware of the capabilities of that car with mods. I've raced a few of them on the dragstrip and beaten them all. I don't know about your car but mine will run 12.3-12.5's all day long. I don't get the attack on my "Attitude" but, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It was a funny scenario!