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Originally Posted by Jeskali
I'm driving on route 1 in NJ today, just north of Princeton and I happen upon a gran turismo. The car sounds awesome and the guy is kind of goading me. He is in front of me and keeps revving engine and then punching the accelerator. He could not pull on me at all and I pull up next to him at light. He says, "that thing is really fast." I replied, yeah and I didn't even need driving gloves to make it do that. (yes the tool was wearing them)

Gorgeous car, great sound, but not that quick
Probably coming from the dealer on Route 1 - Central Jersey Ferrari/Maserati. They're slow but damn, are they gorgeous. Exhaust is intoxicating. My best friend has the convertible. Sweet spot is 3,200 RPMs where the exhaust howls.