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Not that it has anything to do with the OP but - The Track Spec wheel is just a name for a line of our wheels and doesn't mean it is the lightest wheel we produce. If anyone comes to us with weight as a primary concern none of our sales staff is going to recommend that wheel to you as it shares the same center disk forging as our Deep Concave wheel which is the heaviest wheel forging we produce.

Why is it a heavy wheel? Because it (and the Deep Concave) share a forging that is designed to exploit the maximum concavity of an application for the best look - not necessarily the best performance.

People are very quick to jump in and call our wheels anchors but fail to recognize the differences in what they are being compared to. A concave design inherently weighs more than a flat faced spoke design as it requires more material in the spoke design. For the most part - you can't have your cake and eat it too. We can make lightweight concave designs but we'd be recommending a Monoblock SL to get down to a low 20lb weight.

Yet when they are measured up in a more apples to apples fashion (flat faced 3-piece design to flat faced 3-piece design) then they weigh just as much as any other custom 3-piece wheel.

Hope that clears up any weight questions.