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Never ending...

Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post

Since when does $52K = $67K (being generous here with the M3 pricing according to latest reports, assuming you can even get one)?

Car = $42K (can save another $3K here with ED, this includes PP, SP, heated seats)
Software = $1.3 installed
BBS forged wheels/tires = $4K installed
LSD $2K installed
3 way adjustable suspension (completely adjustable) = $2.5K installed, aligned, corner balanced

$51.8 total under this scenario

The wheels will be worth at least $1500 when you take them off in 3 years assuming no damage. The rest of the mods are probably throw away, though you may get some ebay value.
Man I thought we beat this horse so dead it was not even recognizeable... Excellent replies by porscheguy, lucid, RandyB. Why do you have to resort to name calling. So many of us back up everything we say with good facts and good opinions. My experience shows there are just as many 335i fan boys as M3 fan boys.

Back to your actual "calculations". Which we have beat to a pulp many times in the past. You have left out brakes - which should be the first peformance hop up anyone does. Unless all show and no "stop" is your personal priority... What is a BBK, even a cheap one, $5.5k!! Sure you'd have "nicer" brakes than the M3 but would it out stop it? The chassis has a lot to do with that, not just some huge pretty red calipers. What about the cross braces to get some chassis stiffness and feel you should want (you'll be able to get those OEM from BMW - pretty reasonably priced!). What about an aero kit to insure maximum down force and a non-squirrely ride above 150 mph (whoops you can't even get one and if you could I would not trust the "engineering"). Hmm what's next, your base price - $3k below list has always been a point of contention, many have claimed they can not find such discounts but you want to argue basically for $3k of free aftermarket parts. Hmmm you better also include steel bushings and all the forged Al suspension arms in the M3 as you will need a lower unsprung weight for improved handling and feel (cost = $$$). Vishnu software to get a mere 380 hp is quoted on his website at $2665 without installation. Where the hell are your getting your numbers?? These alone (just the things I attached an actual price to) add $10k to your figures. Hell on top of that show me the reciepts for the above if that is your exact plan! Again, I'd be willing to bet you can not get those mods all installed for the total you quoted. Hell what about shipping (of a diff in particular!!), that'll be pricey!

And still after all the smoke clears, I'd still be willing to bet this car will not outperform a M3 with M-DCT on the track nor at the strip. You'd be getting quite close and have a damn nice ride, but > M3?, no << M3, for many reasons, both the hard performance numbers and the littany of other reasons pointed out here and in the previous debates on this subject.

Don't go back to "we don't know the numbers yet" for the M3 either. We have enough numbers from sprint, to track to braking to know it is a beast.

P.S. Anyone want to buy my heavily modded E36 M3? It handles like a go-cart but it drives pretty poor on the freeway and over any bumps, it idles really rad from the hot cams, like a 60's muscle car. The intake and exhaust noise is beautiful, even a bit Ferrari like, but I think I have permanent hearing loss from extended commuting and freeway use.