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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
By the way, in reading his thread more, I notice he has identified that Euro cars have a more generous MDM mode. Did you opt for that? It actually opens up some questions for me, never having had either.

As an aside, on top of that, I also know that ZCP cars have a more aggressive MDM as well. I wonder how that differs from the Euro MDM mode (if at all), and whether he can code that too. If it is different and codeable, it might be an interesting third MDM option, making things even more complicated. I will have to ask him about all this.
I did opt for the Euro mode. I can't comment since I never drove with regular, but figured I might as well go for it (especially since my prior experience was DSC off so even a more "liberal" MDM mode would still seem somewhat constrained by comparison). I am actually trying to get it installed on a friend's M3 who has significant MDM tracking time and see if it affects his laptimes at all.

I am unaware of the ZCP differences. Perhaps the ZCP is just the same as the Euro version, but any guesses on my part would be pure speculation. Would seem unlikely that it is more liberal than the Euro mode though. Remember that you an only have one installed at a time.