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Originally Posted by HREM3
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I wanted to maintain the specially designed software on the EDC and to be able to lower the car at the same time...
Hey M33 when you install the KW sleeve kit. I'd like to hear your opinion of how the spring rates match the struts.

I was going to just do eibachs, but various members have said they are very "bouncy" on rougher roads. A few members took the Eibachs off because he was unhappy. I should have bought your dinan kit! hah.

Also I figure being in CT we drive similar quality roads. (I'm on Long Island)
I will and I'm going to take progress pictures also .
My first initial set up is going to be full height I wanna see how much initial drop I get then I'm going to work from there but I'll keep posted what actual measurement I get just Incase anyone wants to copy !