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Originally Posted by rhouck View Post
What is contained inside the switch column is the SZL module (as I understand it) which is what takes the signal from the button and then interprets it. Thus, the difference is in the interpretation by that module (which I assume is purely a programming difference, I guess firmware). That is why people have been unsuccessful in the past tackling this purely through coding, as you need to change how this SZL module actually functions.
Thanks for the explanation. So cool that someone(s) figured it all out.

I have to believe there would have been quite a bit more single hump M3s ordered between MY2008 and MY2011.5 if this had been known back then.

He does if there are enough interested people, although he can do coding remotely. However, I am not sure if 100% of this can be done remotely... he has a TON of equipment and I'm not sure if all of it could be done remotely. Best bet would be to talk to him directly on that.

Although for the first person trying it on a non I-drive car, he probably would want to be local.
Thanks. I am sure someone out West with no iDrive and no MDrive will be eager to try this ASAP. But I will contact him about it.

By the way, in reading his thread more, I notice he has identified that Euro cars have a more generous MDM mode. Did you opt for that? It actually opens up some questions for me, never having had either.

As an aside, on top of that, I also know that ZCP cars have a more aggressive MDM as well. I wonder how that differs from the Euro MDM mode (if at all), and whether he can code that too. If it is different and codeable, it might be an interesting third MDM option, making things even more complicated. I will have to ask him about all this.
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