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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
That's awesome, thanks.

Only thing is, the idea of installing the new switch hardware make me a bit nervous. Though I suppose that's not Mike's area of expertise to begin with. Plus, I don't necessarily want to just jump in and do this without him testing it on a non-iDrive car first. Although I wouldn't be totally opposed to trying it blindly either.
I will update post 3 that I reserved with a "how-to" on the hardware install side, but really if you look at the performance steering wheel guide (, that is 99% of the process. Basically you get to the part where he says "Make sure not to pull the whole assembly out of the column. Very Important".... and ignore him and pull it all out

There is no re-wiring either. It is purely just taking things off (airbag is the trickiest if you haven't done it before, but it's pretty straightforward) and then put it back together. Basic screws and plugs. I have not done a single thing to my car previously and I did this in probably an hour and a half (including taking photos and going slowly). (that is just for the hardware, obviously, not including Mike figuring out the coding)