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Originally Posted by rhouck View Post
There is hardware. The secret (which was uncovered by Andy (BMWM.D.) after he scoured the factory diagrams to determine what was different between M-drive and non-M-drive cars) is simply the steering unit switch column.
Great info. And big props to BMWM.D. too then.

For my own curiousity, do you know what the differences are between these switches? Rain sensing nonsense aside, obviously there is a difference between the ones with MDrive and those without. Is it just to allow the button on the steering wheel to function as the M Button? I.e. the physical switching hardware is indeed different between the M Button and the "wildcard" button, (or in the case of those of us without iDrive, the "Audio Input Source" button)?

I can't see why it wouldn't work on a non-iDrive BMW, with the caveat that you may likely need to pick hard-coded settings (that is, until someone donates an M3 GTS or a 2011.5+ model for Mike to play with). That is something that will need to work out with Mike, however, as the non-iDrive does make it more of a pain to double-check whether things are working, etc.
I sure hope you are correct. Even if it doesn't allow programming, like I said before, I would happily take hardcoded settings for now (MDM, Sport Servotronic, Sport Power, S5 Drivelogic, Shift Lights on).

It feels like the car I always wanted it to be.

I actually had pretty bad buyer's remorse for awhile solely due to this issue (I was not aware that iDrive with no M-drive was even an option... uneducated buyer ).
Oh wow, so you were one of those who got duped, like I mentioned earlier. Look at the bright side - now you have MDrive and didn't have to pay for ZTP nor opt for EDC to get it. Just like the folks in Europe could do from day 1.

The servotronic steering is kind of overrated. I went to the track yesterday and while it feels heavier, it mainly just made my wrists tired faster But I can see how it probably smooths out steering inputs so I will leave it.

I haven't even tried Sport+ as everyone seems to say it is too sensitive. Plus I am so used to regular Sport, that I don't really want to relearn throttle control (I leave it on Sport all the time as even going back and forth between Normal is annoying). It does seem like it would be easier to rev-match... but not sure if that is worth it being touchier. I'll have to experiment with it.
Yeah, even with MDrive, those of us without iDrive don't get Sport+, and that's fine with me. I don't have to worry about rev-matching either, so I don't think it will be mised.

The MDM though is really the bread and butter and worth it alone. I got used to driving with DSC off on the track, but there are certain SoCal tracks that are not particularly safe IMO and having that extra insurance is nice. And on the street, DSC on is fine a lot of the time (i.e., sitting in rush hour traffic on the way to work), but there are times where you want to get on it a little bit and the complete power cut off DSC ruins the car (and I don't turn DSC off on the street).
MDM is something I really want to have as well. I rarely turn DSC Off anymore, I just don't like the idea of having no safety net on the street. I guess I am getting old. But yeah, the power cuts do ruin it a lot of the times. I have taken a lot of time to learn how to break the car loose without getting the DSC into too big a hissy fit. MDM will be great.

The top button automatically becomes the M button and only the bottom one is a wildcard. I could get one that says M, but that really is the only difference... the label I need to replace my trim anyway at some point due to a cosmetic blemish, and if I do then I will look into it then. Otherwise I'll have M-drive sleeper mode
Heh heh, I like it. But yeah, its a minor thing. Actually, I was thinking it would be cool to make one that has the actual M logo in color. Maybe I will look into that at some point.

Do you know if Mike ever goes on the road? Maybe a group-buy would get him motivated?