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**** (If you click on any of them, please read this one!)****
Here is what we muslims say about this:

Historically speaking, and this is very important for any student of Bible to note, the book that is called today the Bible did not exist at the time of the Prophet Isa (Jesus). If you look in the Bible you will find “most” writings are neither from God nor Jesus, but are what others wrote by their own initiative, some probably from heresy; therefore, the Bible is not the Injeel of Isa (Injeel of Isa is what was revealed to Isa and that was what he preached). What Christians have in the Bible are mainly other people’s recordings. Christian scholars have also a history of changing with the times, and changing things in the Bible itself to suit the people; this is a well known fact and one which every lay Christian should know. It’s also noteworthy to mention that while Bible contains some good moral teachings it also contains stuff that can at best be classified as “ungodly” material. Christians who read the Bible will testify to this and it’s not Muslims who wrote these "unholy" stuff, but people who profess the Christian faith.

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