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My car has nearly 33k on it, I don't have EDC, but these are fairly smooth asphalt lots, at least the launch areas have been smooth. I only ever get wheelhop on concrete or wet or bumpy asphalt.

So some thoughts on how the car acts with the current setup:

- Turn-in is good, I have all the tossability I need
- Steady-state neutral throttle kindof sucks. Needs help here.
- Very stable in slaloms, with good response to drop throttle, car is faster than me in slaloms
- Power-on oversteer at will, but it's very easy to control and never too much unless you're stupid. This is probably the only reason the car isn't terrible on course with the mid-corner push it has
- Brakes are awesome, and it rotates nicely on trail braking,which has also helped somewhat with the mid-corner push. No ice mode yet and I've intentionally gotten into the ABS with the wheel turned a few times to see what it'd do
- Car is way underdamped over big bumps. I'm certain the shocks will help here

Now I need to figure out what to do next. I might try a little less front bar at the next event but I hate to give up any front roll rate with as little camber as the car has. I should have my MCS 2-ways in hand by the beginning of May and my next event won't be for a month so I should have a few more tools in the tuning toolbox.

Still no shelf of death on the front tires after 10 runs, and temps are actually fairly even across the tires front and rear. I'm hoping to get to 20-25 runs and flip the fronts on the wheels.

Interesting side note: My wheels and tires were parked fairly close to grid, less than 100 feet, and I never got a TPMS warning. Last event I was gridded about 100 yards away from my parking space and the TPMS warning was on the whole time. Surely the signal can't be that strong?

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