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Good thread idea and great responses. Please keep 'em coming.

I've wondered about the same thing. I haven't driven a whole lotta cars, but a new generation Cayman S is kinda the only one I see in my future besides the new M3.

I'd like to get into tracking but don't want to track my (incoming) DD M3. I don't have the budget at this point for a track car like the Cayman. But I have thought about picking up a used S2000 or E46 M3. For some reason, I'm not as enamoured with the Miata (test drove an NC) even those there's a lot of magazine praise for it. Now I'm thinking of the new Toyaburu FR-S/ BRZ twins. Great reviews so far, relatively inexpensive, and new cars... As I'm thinking about reliability and cost of consumables...
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