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Originally Posted by ranger22 View Post
I like the 911 GT3 variants quite a bit. I've test driven a few and gone on ride alongs at the track in a few. The thing that keeps me out of them for now is the rear weight bias. I'm still on the learning curve for track driving and the cayman's weight distribution and power/weight ratio is much more forgiving for me. When I'm ready, I'll move on to the GT3, but it makes me wonder why so many people are obsessed with these cars. Am I the only one that isn't ready for the less forgiving car?
People get obsessed on just the car and its capabilities, forgetting how it will really be used. A GT3 is a track car. Use it as such and it will be a phenomenal experience. Try to use it as a daily driver and you will need back surgery in about a year. Try to use it for long highway trips and you will come out very tired and feeling beat up. If you want a Porsche for the real world, get a Carrera S, but even so, your ride will be harsh compared to the M3.

Actually, the one car that nobody has mentioned yet is the Aston Martin Vantage. Similar power, weight, layout, etc, etc. You can pick up a 2007-08 model in the $70k's.
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