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Just hit 500 I went on a road trip and back this weekend that's why I stacked on so many miles lmao. I turned on every single fucking car alarm on one of the main streets in Glendale. And by every single I mean 30+ cars. One after another. Certain rpm's just vibrate the earth next to you its sick. It sounds fully broken in and the revs are godly.

One thing that kind of worries me is how loud it is at night with no other cars or noise around you. Yesterday a cop was next to me for 4 streets and I was going maybe 28-30 in a 40 just so he doesn't hear the sound (which is IMPOSSIBLE). I shit my PANTS. He was staring right at me for a good period of time and I made a right as soon as I could. It really is terrifying at night. Wake everyone up :| gotta live with it though haha. That concludes this write up (until I get the x-pipe)