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Originally Posted by JAJ
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I feel like that's kinda crap that BMW doesn't just let all M owners have the newest software for free. I would think they would want each and every M car out there to be running at its best. It's probably unlikely that every owner would even take advantage of the update but to those that would like it, why not make it free?
The software itself might just be free, actually. What's not free is the shop labor and substantial investment in equipment required to do an update on the car's software.

BMW's software across the whole vehicle has significant version dependencies, so sometimes when a dealer plugs in to update the radio software, they end up updating the whole vehicle so that everything continues to work with everything else. It can take hours.
Yeah very true. I guess with a customer coming in who just wants an updated tune, we would still
Be taking up a work bay which could be used for a paying customer but hey, we just threw down a bunch of money for an M! Lol but yeah I do remember how updating a car at a dealer can take quite sometime