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Originally Posted by E36325is View Post
The 335i is a decent car but even with all the mods (which I started doing but no Procede or other chip mods for me) the whole package just won't cut it.
I tend to agree. My 335i sedan is wonderful, but it will not be close to the new M3, despite all of the early complaints about that car. I don't plan to build an M3 from 335i because I know that money spent on mods is usually a complete loss. The next owner will not pay for them, taking the car apart and piece-mealing the parts is a hassle, and some prospective buyers will certainly be put off of such a car. Most people who buy non-M cars are not car enthusiasts, and sinking money into a 335i is a horrible waste of money despite the car's potential. Evo owners and Sti owners might actually seek a modded car. Also, If you don't appreciate BMW heritage, and the balance of drivability, safety, luxury, and involvement, why on earth would you pay the premium when you can buy a Z06, or a modded Evo, and demolish anything short of a Carrera GT or Enzo at the track? Bimmers have never ever been about absolute performance, and if that's your concern, then it is you who have been blinded by the badge, or misunderstood it.