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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
Argue all you want about that fact, please someone tell me how a 415 hp/295 TQ 'M' suspension modded M3 beats a 440hp/440tq suspension, wheels and LSD-modded 335i? Not going to happen, even if the M3 is underrated by 20HP
1. M3 is not even available yet, so there are no "facts" at this point.
2. I'd be interested in seeing the impression on your face when your 440hp/440ftlb 335i eventually develops a crack in the block, chews up on its valves, and/or tears apart its transmission in a few years. You clearly don't have any technical insight, nor have any idea about why machines are rated. Yes, you sure can eat into safety margins on a street car and so on by pushing things to the limit, but you are trading off durability. I, like many people on this board, plan to own my M3 (or 335 if BMW prices the M3 too high) for several years.
3. In light of what I said above, I would never consider buying a car with a seriously moded engine (100+hp gains) where the power increases are not accounted for by beefing up the rest of the car and the structural components of the engine itself (which would cost much more than what you are quoting). So, you should add not only the cost of repairs/new engine down the line, but also the destruction of the resale value to your calculation.

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