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Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN View Post
Forgive my ignorance but I'm a little lost. Why does it matter what version of software your car has if it's going to be tuned by an aftermarket company? I thought once a car was being tuned the tuner was able to do whatever he pleased to the computer
I believe that BMW made tweaks in places that the tuners don't. The tuners are still able to make similar gains with the new software. This is the software that comes stock on the newer cars and it's still worthwhile to tune them. I will update this next week when I have the tuned version of the new software uploaded and the car re-dynoed.

Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN View Post
But if I am understanding this correctly you would first have to get the newest software from BMW and then have a tuner "tune" on top of that correct?
Correct. You want the newest software as the basis of the tune. The dealer can upgrade the software. You may also be able to have it done remotely, not sure there. I don't think so though, because when Tom did mine, he uploaded the tune from a regular PC but used a different device (I forget the name, Auto Logic maybe) to update the software.

Originally Posted by italyix View Post
Where would one get the cable and how much is an updated oem tune from our vendors? I'd love to check my software version as well.
All of the big tuners (Evolve, ESS, etc) use the same cable to upload their tune. So to get the cable, you would need to purchase a tune. Apparently, you can't tell which version of the software you have just from reading it with the cable. Tom was not able to tell during the reading process. We were able to determine that it hadnt based on my service records though. Also, I'm sure the tuners can tell once you send them your files.

EAS charges $95 to update the software.

Originally Posted by Draff1 View Post
+3. Why do you need the latest OEM file when you're paying for the tune?
The tune is based off of your particular software on the your particular DME. If you have the old software, your tune will be a modified version of that. From what I can tell, the new software produces gains via tweaks in areas that the tuners don't modify. So you want the new version AND the tuners modifications to make the most power.
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