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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
please someone tell me how a 415 hp/295 TQ 'M' suspension modded M3 beats a 440hp/440tq suspension, wheels and LSD-modded 335i? .

because you'll actually be able to sell an M3 when you're done with it

if you claim the price diff is $15 grand

software $1300
wheels/tires $3000 (335 doesn't come with 19", if you're really trying for performance you wouldn't be throwing on $200 replica wheels made in some guys garage and general tires right)
LSD $2000
suspension $1500
exhaust $1200
alignment $200

you've eaten up half the price difference just in parts, throw in labor to install it all and you could have just gotten the M3, and you're still missing all the special bits that make an M3 an M3