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Some of you 'M' fanboi's people make me laugh.

BMW made a world-beating car with the 335i. We expected a world beating car with the M3, and so far there have been several disappointments, including the fact that you can take a 335i to the same level of equipment and performance as the M3 for $15K less well equipped. Argue all you want about that fact, please someone tell me how a 415 hp/295 TQ 'M' suspension modded M3 beats a 440hp/440tq suspension, wheels and LSD-modded 335i? Not going to happen, even if the M3 is underrated by 20HP. SAME CAR, different engine technology, less power in the M3. Swamp pitch in here because you claim the modded 335<the M3 in most performance measures....

In the meantime, now we hear the M3 runs N'ring times comparable or slightly better than the 911S. Encouraging! And how the 911S is the 'real' target. So, for the same money do I buy an M3 or a GT-R? The GT-R beats the 911TT! If you don't need a back seat the 'Vette, Cayman S, and Exige can play in this realm as well.

Or do we take the angle of the luxury coupe/sedan. The C63 has been tuned to handle by all accounts, and the CTS-V is strongly rumored to have 600HP, again at the same price points, and N'ring tuned. Or the modded 335i

I did a 2 yr lease on my 335i because I knew about these next generation cars. I have no loyalty to the 335i other than in the objective facts.

What I want is for the 'M' car to be special, nothing more, nothing less. I've been in the enthusiast, track, and racing game way too long to be blinded by a badge.

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