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Originally Posted by e90fun View Post
looken good, no homo.

how is doing the full p90x?

last year i got to like day 40, best shape of my life I believe but then summer came and I stopped. I tried to start fresh at day 1 in fall of `11 but my living situation doesnt permit. (2nd story apartment, a 6'3" 210lb man doing plyometrics gets noise complaints)

next year, I make sure I have a garage to do p90x in
Its rough man,

I Still have to do physical training in the AM, so i don't always have the energy to do it at night. I basically do the main weight days, and on the cardio days i go running at the track.

The first time i did it, i probably only did it about 40 days also. cuz it was hard as fuck. Ive made the decision at this point that I'm Never going to stop.

Its hard though. My main focus is running so Its very challenging to balance, getting lean continuously, getting strong, stacking on muscle size and definition while keeping my weight under 160, improving my run , and keep up with unit PT all at the same time.

putting on muscle and cutting at the same time is hard as hell. When you cut, you loose weight and energy, causing you to loose training power and muscle. so, my body is always changing from week to week.