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Originally Posted by kornykidd0 View Post
I have the same problem. I managed to get them in only slightly holding, and then put the heat sink on and tightened it. I used the heat sink to provide a bit of leverage to twist the light source. I don't think its very solid though. Is there a particular orientation that the source needs to be in? I notice that one of the locking tabs is slightly smaller than the other 2...should this be in a certain position before trying to lock it in? Another thing I'm noticing is that the outer ring of my drivers headlight looks like it isn't illuminated when standing in front of the car, but when I crouch down it looks alright. I'm suspecting that the source needs to be properly lined up with the light tubes for uniform distribution at any angle?
Well, I managed to get them installed after a trip to the hardware store today. Tried three different sets of pliers there and a 7.5" slip joint pair did the job easily. Try those, kornykidd....took me about 15 minutes total and they're locked in there solid. Look great too.