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Originally Posted by Eternal View Post
I love how people can guarantee they are something among a bunch of people they do not know.

I feel I can safely do that because unless this forum has a majority of body builders or eight fit Soldiers, I think I'm in the clear. Also because, and this was never to start shit with anyone, but i honestly have Not seen anyone in a Long time that was as fit as I.

Never really wanted to take it this far, I guess i should have never said anything.

Sorry All, I was only trying to help. As I've said, I don't always go at it the right way. Military can take some social ability out of you.

You have to realize you're not the only military here though. So I am sure there are a lot of us that take fitness seriously. I am not saying I am the most fit, and I will never ever claim to be among the best at/with anything, because you never have a clue what people do or what their capabilities are.

I do agree drinking has to be limited, because the calories are killer. But to put a number on it, is impossible. I have buddies who get smashed 5 nights a week, but are absolutely shredded and diesel when it comes to the gym. But if I put back more than a few beers a week, I am done for physically. Crown and diet coke for the win.