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Talking Gintani Race Axleback Exhaust Installed :)

Just got my Gintani Race mufflers with the dual wall tips installed today at Gintani. There was some miss-communication regarding when the exhaust was going to be ready but it was all cleared up at the end thanks to Gintanis great customer service.

I included 2 videos in the end of this post.

The exhaust has a very very DEEP and BASSY tone to it. It feels like your entire body is shaking from the inside when it goes past you regardless if you're outside of the car or in another car.

It is very loud from 1-4k, incredibly deep bassy tone and noise. After that it kind of settles down and the engine is heard more, but from the outside you can still hear the exhaust. It is the loudest in higher gears 1-4k cruising at normal speeds 30-40, and almost all throttle blips are like mini nukes. WOT isn't as loud as would have wanted it to be but I already knew that reading other reviews.

Overall I am very happy about the look of it, but I need a diffuser ASAP lol. Very happy about the tone, but definitely want it to be louder. Need to get a catless or HFC X-Pipe soon so it could be louder up top. I don't know if I'm used to drone or if there isn't much but I don't feel much disturbance in the car other than the bass of the exhaust. I like it, feels like I'm driving a monster. Idle itself is insanely loud, cold start is crazy lmao. All it needs is an X-Pipe and perfect exhaust

Here is a video, revving it a little:

Really can't tell how loud it is but you can get an idea of the tone

Here is a video of it in a parking lot lmao:

btw, this exhaust may be loud enough for some people or too loud for others, but for me I personally like LOUD exhausts. This is certainly LOUD but I wouldn't mind it being louder Don't think I'm saying it's not loud, I just love loud as fuck exhausts.

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