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the dealer (non-BMW) said nothing on it. and only "soft wash"? he said use the mist of a power washer which seemed inconvenient, i guess the matte wears off after a few years if not properly cared for? i dunno
Matte doesn't wear off, you just want to use soap and water with no wax. The intent is to not create a shine, otherwise it is no longer matte. I know I am opening myself up to a bunch of wise cracks, but observe the no excessive rubbing rule!
I was able to buy one of the original anniversary edition frozen greys, and am at just over 1.5 years of ownership and it is all good and looks just as good as the day I picked it up.
My cousin wants to know if there's any special way you should dry it with. Like in case cotton towels are too abrasive or something
Use a leaf blower to dry it ( no touching= no micro-marring). Swissvax sells a opaque wax for matte cars. It is the best wax for matte cars and I think it is only $90.