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Originally Posted by py0413 View Post
Last year was probably the worst year of my life, everything went the opposite way than I had hoped. Financially, pretty much all my investments took huge hits, well, except in properties. Physically, I was hit but a heart attack at the age of 29 which was ultra rare. Being non-smoking, non-drinking, non-drugging my whole life, my doctor was also wondering how it happened and yet the answer remains unknown.

The process to recover hasn't been easy, the harshness of my daily medication caused the health of my stomach. 2 most passionate things in my life has always been food and cars. As my health goes down, there are many food I love but had to avoid now. This fact makes me depressed for sure.

Ever since late January this year, I am experiencing some mystery illness. At first, they thought it was related to my heart, due to my history, because the symptoms are somehow similar but different. I felt lightheaded sometimes and my body happens to feel very weak in a sudden. My doctor had sent me to the lab and had many exams which still can't find out the cause of my illness.

A few days ago, at night, my left arm went numb and I was alerted. At a point, I was going to dial 911 for another ER visit but the numbness went away in a couple hours. Next morning, I went to my doctor as their office opened the door; they had me sent to the lab and done blood test, ECG, X-Ray(chest/neck/arm), at the end of the day the result came back and nothing was wrong according to the exams they put me through. I am frustrated as the numbness of my left arm and the weakness feeling keeps come and go. Well, I have to go back to my clinic for a followup visit and see what kind of test they are going to put me through this time. (my blood pressure has been carefully monitored since the heart attack incident and has always be kept at 130/80 range)

This afternoon, while the weather turns incredibly nice, I went for a walk and saw many people who are much older than me out there enjoying their beautiful rides in a sunny afternoon. I just wish that my health will allow me to enjoy that for the years to come. Also, I like to wish the best of everything for my family, my friends, and of course, everyone of you.

Cheers and stay healthy,
I would really recommend a second opinion. If you have never had any markers for heart issues and have never had anything outside of healthy test results, it would seem to me that something may have been wrong with the initial diagnosis of the heart attack, it is possible that it presented as a "heart attack". Im not a doctor and dont know anything more than what you have told me but i know enough to know that something is amiss. Its very likely that there is a mental aspect to the current random issues you may be having. Again get a second opinion, this may just be a case of a self fulfilling prophecy at this point. The mind is a very powerful thing. Best of luck to you, and i wish you only the best.