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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
OP, I just got back from EAS. My car put down a disappointing 349 WHP with filter, pulley, HFC, x-pipe, and rear section. My car had the oldest software version. Tom flashed it to the newest file and it put down 372 WHP.

While doing the flash, Tom showed me the plots for an '08 with 48k miles, original plugs, and old software. The owner brought it in because it failed smog. It put down 308 WHP and the plot was rough like yours because it was misfiring (no codes though). With new plugs and software, it made 345 WHP.
That gives me some hope (!) - your car is an 08, right? To be clear do you have a tune or just OEM software?

Originally Posted by Rekrul View Post
How would one know how old their software was? Would an aftermarket tune totally override this?
They can find out what version of OEM software is running and that tells how old it is. From what I gather most tuners have most versions of "stock" OEM software that they can program onto the car, which sounds like what was done here.
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