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Originally Posted by FairladyZ View Post
So what you are suggesting is that everyone else on the forum has at some point, or could be experiencing the same issue.

Not doubting you or anything, but I find it difficult to understand why BMW would use such a low end technology for the e-brake, when my previous Nissan used disc brake for this purpose.
Yes. I have a '09 and '12 and they BOTH "squeak" when the handbrake is engaged. My e46 M3 and 330 also "squeaked" when the handbrake was applied.

Again, why don't you see if your car still "squeaks" when you get in/out if the handbrake is not engaged?

Why is it low-end tech? If you engage the handbrake does it prevent the car from moving forward even if you apply the throttle? I know you have issues with the single-piston sliding caliper, however, it stops the car very effectively on the street but I suppose you consider that low tech, too?

Well, if I remember correctly Car&Driver experienced complete brake failure on a 370Z with its "high tech" brakes and totaled the car....