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Originally Posted by 33CV View Post
Love it fantastic! As if the e90m weren't rare enough in France already...I will listen for the sound echoing through the streets!

Quick translation of igirl's review:

Quick review since the car is still under break in period (1,900km break in, 170km/h max speed, 5,500 revs max). Apparently the engine is limited during this period, according to the sales guy.

I have driven 600km up to now.

-Between the engine with 450hp and the custom exhaust, the sound is incredible. I have the impression that it's more noticeable inside than outside (you can feel vibrations under the seat!).
Getting going in 1st or 2nd gear you can already tell that it's not a normal M3.
-The color (matte grey paint) is magnificent. I was afraid of how it might come out, and I wasn't the only one, but everybody thinks it's great.
-The chassis seems to have been custom tuned...the car has impressive stability even on fast curves. To be confirmed on the track in mid March.
-The seats are great, both in design and seating position. And the rear passengers love them too.

-The shocks can be adjusted for shock and rebound, I have to try out different settings since right now the smallest imperfection in the road is felt.
-it's impossible to be discreet in this car. Even if the exterior mostly is, you can hear it coming from far away and the brakes are even sometimes audible
(competition pads?)

-For the time being, mostly positive.
-The magic of the e90 m3 is preserved, even augmented. You really have the impression that it's a special car (especially the alcantara steering wheel and the steering feel!)
-I don't regret anything but I'll wait for the break in period to be over before giving you a full review.
Where's the track review?
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