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Gents, thanks for the feedback.

It's either demons or gerbils, I'm still trying to figure out.

I didn't know that about the key fob storing personal settings (this car is brilliant, isn't it?) but, I always use the same key when driving.

My initial thought was BMW makes "default" or "relational" changes within menus when you adjust certain settings within iDrive (like the DSC forced off setting mentioned in a previous post) but mine seem to be quite random and unrelated. Another example was the car "automatically" dimmed my internal dash lighting a few days ago forcing me to go in and bump up the dash brightness manually...another was my 3-click turn signal feature was randomly disabled causing me to search through the menus to find it again and reinstate the feature.

This thread was intended to confirm whether or not these are quirks experienced within the BMW community or perhaps the sign of a software issue with my car.

I'm going to chalk it up to the latter and take it by the dealership. As was recommended, it might just need a software update.

The other possibility is that I, in fact, have a split personality who drives my car from time to time playing with my settings.

Thanks again.