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i stopped at page 9 or so, BUT seriously ADV.1..... pictures don't prove anything. for all we know, that picture (you guys at tuv) says 1000 words, not one is the proof of tuv and blablabla certification.

if you want to be held in the upper echelon in the wheel world, then just prove that so-and-so designs have tuv certification. we don't want pictures of certificates or stupid pictures you guys once took on a trip. just provide proof and it's done. I don't see why this is so hard.

you'd rather have a pissing fight with a consumer (while the whole world watches) than OWN UP. oh yea, annnnnd i'm not going to buy your rims anymore.... pitty, because they're fucking SEXY.

Sack up, champ, and put away the maxi pads. Show up proof!