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Euro Wheel Locks painted Black?

In my search to find Black Extended Wheel Locks to use with my 5mm spacers, I am running out of options. Life would be so much easier if McGard would make a set in Black, but of course they do not exist and painting them is not an option for me. The dilemma I have is that my Rear wheels still use the stock size Lug Bolts. The front I needed Extended Lug Bolts, which means I need a set of Wheel Locks for the Rear and another set to accommodate the Front.

My solution to not getting 2 sets of Wheel Locks is to get these Euro Locks as they'll fit on any Lug Bolts, stock or extended. Problem is, they're not entirely all Black.

My question is, any of you guys paint these Black and how did it look?

Thank you!