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Post VAC Motorsports | E92 M3 6MT Track Day Car -Complete Build

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No frills, all function here.

Disclaimer- this car was built to our client's spec. Seats, wheels, steering wheel/brakes and color scheme idea were provided by our client. Also, the rear brakes were on back order when these pics were taken, they will be on the car shortly ;-)

Our client brought us this 6MT E92 M3 fresh from the auction. It was in need of collision repair but the goal was simple: build a safe, well sorted and reasonably priced dedicated track day car. This is just the first phase of it's life - I suspect it will be a continual work in progress like many/most of the cars that our clients own.

As with every job, every aspect of this job was done in house.

Some highlights:
-E92 M3 6MT
-3230lbs ~400lb savings

-Grand Am spec cage with L/R NASCAR door bars and dash bar. Done 100% in house.
-Lexan windows
-VAC race seat install kit
-TRS harnesses
-VAC steering wheel disconnect
-VAC diamond plate floor pans

-Brembo 365/345 kit
-Nitron NTR R3 3 way adjustable suspension
-Powergrid links
-VAC studs/spacers

-AiM Sports Pista
-AiM Sports Smarty Cam

-VAC remote oil sensor manifold
-Header back Fabspeed exhaust
-OS Giken Grand Am Spec clutch
-Active Autowerke tune
-Aerocatch latches

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A few pics from a NASA event. Aaron took a ride with our client - good times

It will back on track May 2, our next private event at NJMP. Oh, sunburn sux...

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