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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Did they log IAT, AFR, or any timing values?

Did they have significant fans pointed at the correct places on the car?

MT or DCT? Which gear did they dyno in?
Car is 6MT.

I've got the run files and looked at the results in WinPEP - can I see using that software if the other variables were recorded? They had several large fans running, 2-3 of which were right in front of the main intake.

Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
We've seen the same on MY08s, just had another one last week with gains of ~16whp after updates were applied. If the vehicle was purchased used, there is a chance no updates were ever applied or worse - an early performance tune loaded with no follow-up diagnostics.

A VIN check with your dealer will show maintenance history. Since you're the original owner - this is a bit easier to backtrack. BMW reprogramming for electrical gremlins doesn't necessarily mean the DME was touched.

Check the condition of your plugs and have the DME reprogrammed with the latest updates (v2.46.x) and dyno again with a new tank of fuel. It's certain your lost power is within one (or multiple) of those variables, assuming dyno procedures were properly followed.
I am the original owner (from ~30 miles) and have all service history. I had one CEL issue previously but I think it was a bad O2 sensor or something minor, otherwise no issues. They did reprogram the DME, will check the version from the service records. They said they took the opportunity to do all available updates applicable to my car.

I will try with another batch of fuel and try and corroborate the results. I talked to the dealer and they said unless there is a fault, there is nothing they can do (I would have to pay to have it reprogrammed to the latest version.) Is the v2.46.x applicable to 6MT cars?

Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
i have an early 08 build also and love the car but am scared i might be in the same boat. i did already have the software updated previously by bmw then again by evolve. seems the later years have a little more hp even though bmw choose not to advertise it.
Would be curious to see other results. I have seen several around 320 or so but nothing this low...
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