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Worst dyno ever? - Update

Went for my first "baseline" dyno run last week before putting on the Akra midpipe I bought, and the results look pretty bad. Did 4 pulls on their Dynojet, all fairly consistent results. My car is an 08 E90 (2/08 build), 6MT, running Shell 91 Octane and the only relevant mod installed now is an Akra rear section. Overall conditions were warm (high 80s) but that shouldn't have been an issue.

Trying not to go off the deep end here but any suggestions for things to look for as possible issues? I can't believe these results are within normal variance of the S65. I am in Denver but the results shown below have been adjusted. (see further down for unadjusted results)

I am the original owner and never have had a tune. Service issues have been relatively minor. BMW did reprogram the car 12-18 months ago trying to find an electric gremlin in the stereo and it mentioned other "updates"... Thanks in advance.
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