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Originally Posted by ranger22 View Post
I have an E90 M3 and a new Cayman R. When I get out of my Cayman and in to the M, I feel like I'm driving a sloppy cadillac. I used to think the M was so efficient, smooth and controlled. Then I drove a Porsche. They are the next level of smooth and controlled; however, it does take a little seat time truly appreciate the differences.
+1. ex-Cayman S owner and ex-911s owner here. If you compare the M3 to the Cayman, I assure you the "cadillac" comparison is spot on; the cayman feels very crisp, very balanced and nimble. While not as fast as the M3, the driving experience in a cayman is altogether just a whole another level. As said from the above poster, very little time in the Cayman will have you very impressed. I cannot say the same about the 911 though. The rear engine feel takes some time getting used to but once the dynamics of the car is learned, it too is an amazing drive.

I honestly don't think there is another car that can compare itself to an M3. The M3 is impressive and very high performing for a 4 seating DD-able car. While in the category of a small size high performance vehicle there are other contenders, even those cars don't feel close to an M3.
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