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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
IMO navi is a MUST even on an 08 model, as crappy as it is. That's because you get the mdrive including servotronic steering, sport + throttle, and M dynamic mode, all of which are only available with the nav/idrive/mdrive package.
Good point although I've always wondered.....
Servtronic Steering - when I set my EDC to the firm setting my steering gets more aggressive - is this the same as when the M button is depressed?
Sport + throttle - When I push the "power" button next to the EDC controls I get a more responsive throttle - is this the same as when the M button is depressed?
M dynamic mode - is this traction control related? Or is it just the combination of firmest EDC setting, "Power" on, and traction control off/less intrusive?

OP, don't mean to thread jack so I will move to another section. Good luck with sale - looks like a clean ride for a reasonable price