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OEM intake "mod"... good or bad? You decide!

So, in the process of pulling crap off the engine to get to my starter I started to wonder what I could do to improve the OEM intake. Since I've had the car apart for a few days (waiting on that stupid torx wrench) I'm been doing some thinking, analyzing what i could for free/cheap and ordered some part... and today I went ahead and did what I think will either, 1) improve the intake, or 2) make it function the same as it was originally.

my goal in mind was to improve some air flow in the intake lower box, while not compromising the design by letting heat in. Obviously, stock wise, there are only 2 areas that let air in: from the front of the car and from the little tube that pulls from the brake duct.

I ordered DEI gold tape that I will wrap the entire intake with to keep heat out/away from it. I also ordered an aFe filter and BW silicone elbow.

Aftermarket intakes pull air from everywhere they can, stock not so much. So this is what I came up with.

Onto pictures.

I removed this:

Just a small portion to allow more air to flow in, if it's at all possible.

Now it looks like this:

What it would "look" like in the engine bay:

Now, like i said, I don't see this hurting anything, but it might not improve anything either. But I think if it has more potential to pull more air in, that can only be good. It's also on the far left side, away from the engine and I also have a vented hood; I don't see it being very likely that heat from the engine will reach all the way around to that.

Now, I can't exactly go back to the way it was, but I could epoxy the piece back on, if I had too... probably won't though.

Thoughts? other things I can do to improve the OEM intake?

OR was I just that bored... :lolhit:
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