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NJ resident selling his/her own vehicle to out of state buyers

I Have questions to those NJ residents who have sold his/her car to out of state buyer (Non-NJ).

I'm a NJ resident, and am selling my car to North Carolina resident.

This is some of the steps + questions, comment/correct me if wrong.

1. We settled with price, he will fly to NJ in the morning to pick up the car and drive back to NC.
2. We will both sign the Bill of Sale made by me (in the presence of Notary... is this required?)
3. I will do all the documentation on the back of the Title and give it to him (Do i need a copy of buyer's license and insurance card?)
4. I call my insurance company to take the car off my account. Buyer calls his insurance company, drive the car back to North Carolina (Now, I'm taking my NJ plates with me so I can return to NJ DMV, Where does the buyer acquire his "temp" plate? at NJ DMV or NC DMV?)
5. Lastly, How does the buyer pay the NJ sales tax of my vehicle purchase? @ NJ DMV or NC DMV?

thanks guys,