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Originally Posted by MojorisinM3 View Post
I'm looking to move from my E90 M3 to something with a bit more size and comfort (I just hit 40 so getting old). Looked at the S8 (too expensive), M5 (maintenance nightmare), and S6 (too dull). I dropped by the Chrysler dealer to drive the SRT 300. It was black with the black chrome pack. What a bad ass ride!

Swagger for a big car, looks mean in black / black
Size and comfort - I actually FIT in this car. I'm always cramped in my M3 and most of the time fidgeting with the seats to get comfortable.
Sounds fantastic
Price - with my discounts I'm looking at around $45k
American - hey, its cool to be "un cool" sometimes everybody has a bimmer around here
I can drive it for work trips and get reimbursed for the mileage (I rent cars now since I wont put the miles on my M)

Some rental car bits
Lacks the German interior quality
I love the "M" nostalgia
Resale value?
5 speed auto with no manual option

I'm actually thinking about doing this for a while. Then pick up an M3 coupe a few years from now when I'm bored again.

Honestly, what is holding me back is my wife thinks the SRT is a cheesball ride for old people. Would you buy a car if your wife thinks its not cool?

Anybody else sampled this car?
Just to clarify, unless BMW is changing their policy, all cars come with free maintenance (or is that just on lease vehicles?) I have an M3 'vert, which besides being flawless thus far, is covered 100% on all maintenance, other than rubber. No way in heck I would personally drive anything American...sad, but true I'm just sayin....