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2007 GT3 RS (997.1) are known to have RMS leaks. This topic was actually discussed on this forum. Here's the thread:

Take a look at this website (RMS issue. Scroll down and read):

If you read on, Porsche Cars North America, Inc. replied to the RMS leak and said:

Please be advised that GT3 engines have a design which is unique from other 911's because of it's exposure to very high
RPM's. The rear main seal of these engines is held tight by a vacuum created inside the engine block. If the vehicle is not
used for prolonged periods of time this vacuum pressure may decrease allowing a small amount of oil to seep past the
seal. Due to this special design, oil seepage can occur in GT3 vehicles that are not driven on a regular basis.

Your warranty manual indicates that your responsibility for normal vehicle use is for your vehicle to be driven daily over
a distance of several miles. Your vehicle was designed with the assumption that it would be used within these guidelines.
If it is not, you may experience some oil seepage; however, this is not a defect in the vehicle but simply a result of lack of

To summarize if you own a GT3, it should be driven daily over a distance of several miles. If not, the rear main seal will start to leak. Sharkwerks however have found a solution to that problem.

The Cayman R is not bad, but if you really want a GT3 RS, just wait for a used 997.2 instead.

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