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Originally Posted by LM3 View Post
Totally agree. I've been 100% conservative and owned only black cars my whole life. My Jerez M3 was about as far as I could bring myself to depart from my norm.

I don't much like yellow, red. But orange... orange on a GT3RS (or Gallardo) does it for me. I once saw a GT3RS on a lot that was the opposite color scheme -- black with the orange accents and wheels, and I even loved that. Orange wheels, and I'd sport it all day long. I don't get it..

Maybe it comes down to this. The car is so undeniably legit. It wears those colors because it f*cking can.

Thats EXACTLY it. Because only a car like that can pull off a color like that! Its like the super model that can wear next to nothing and still look stunning. Everybody else is just hatin...

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Thickness feels good to me and my hands aren't that big.