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Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
[There may have been some writer bias expressed in the above message]
Really ??

Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
As a 6MT user, shouldn't you have the correct gear selected for the track-out before you reach the apex, either by "handbag-holding" flippy-flappy paddles or "hairy-chested" heel-toe shifts, during straight-line or trail braking?
In most cases this is also what is done with DCT, you essentially downshift while braking to be in the right gear to accelerate out of the turn. However, in some corners (as gearhead mentions), it is beneficial to upshift during track out to maximize the power band. DCT makes it easy, so why not use it. On the specific example I mention in this thread, some corners are taken flat out (no braking at entry). In these cases the cornering speed is lot limited by lateral grip but rather by entry speed. In this case, it is very beneficial to maximize the power band by shifting mid-turn rather than short shifting before turn-in.

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Is this about down shifting during turn-in?
This is another benefit of DCT. I can think of a very specific turn where I use it. It is at Temptation at Calabogie. It is a 180deg decreasing radius turn with an entry speed of about 85mph and an exit of 45mph. So with an entry speed of 85mph it is not wise to downshift in 2nd and 3rd is not the best gear to pull at 45mph. With DCT I can trail brake through most of the turn, downshift in 2nd at the apex (which is very late apex) and be in the power band to accelerate out.

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I am confused about DCT throttle sensitivity and gear change abruptness in cornering with DCT.
This is the beauty of the smarts behind DCT. It does a harsh power shift in a straight line and a butter smooth shift when the car is under lateral load. The original question of this thread was if that smart logic was also programmed in S6.

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