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Originally Posted by sameh View Post
Try turning off your car and stay inside for 10-15 minutes. The car starts recalibrating and all sorts if sounds come from everywhere inside.
Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
and if you use the brakes enough they will all ping as they cool.
I've experienced those noises taking a long road trip out west last year and here and then taking a nap. Sounds are strange of cool-downs of engine and exhaust and various electronic shout offs I guess ...

Originally Posted by SoTempted View Post
Shiiiiiiiet. My seat belt butler's been broke since I got the car and my warranty is up in October... Boutsta make an online appointment!
You best get it fixed or your re-sell value will be down in the dumps

Originally Posted by JohnnyRoaster View Post
Maybe. If I hold mine long enough it turns from a e90 into a e93. The only problem is, if I hold the button too long after that it turns into Optimus Prime.
I think you have to drive under a trailer to accomplish this (as you know this would make quite a mess and I don't recommend it )

Originally Posted by DARK_M3 View Post
The trunk button? I held it for like 5 seconds and no alarm.
Could be one of two things a) you don't have the alarm option or b) one of your fuses has blown. Best get the dealer to confirm it you do have the red bubble on the rear view mirror so you should have the alarm.
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